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Certificate is dealt with,Participation certificate. The temporary license.Use for many yearsICThe card purchaser,Ensure the security and authenticity of certificate Temporary Certificate,First of all thank you for the trust and support of each enterprise to me company,Throughout the year126Terms《In China The export commodities fair》Coming soon,Our company is in line with,The contract,Keep good faith, Wholeheartedly for customer service purpose,We sincerely invite all import and export enterprises to participate in the fair, In order to alleviate the booth of supply and demand contradiction,Our company as a service industry,According to many years of exhibition Web experience,May the country-and for all exhibitors(The pa state Meeting exhibition center)The booth to choose from!

Guangzhou crown bo exhibition service co., LTD is a company dedicated to the import and export commodities fair,Exhibitors services for the developing way of key units,2003Years was established,Have a that is proficient in the exhibition market operation for years,Career to work,Serious and responsible to the customer,Service professional exhibition service team。We can provide the booth with horizontal and certificate is dealt with,List of catalogue data collection,Outdoor advertising and other related business;Agent for the enterprise:Registration formalities,Admission of all kinds of certificates,Translation of foreign trade,Hotel reservation,Decoration design and production,Outdoor light box signs advertising,Catalogue and publication《Chinese products》Data collection and advertisement plane reservation,Especially for the villages and towns private individual export enterprises to attend the fair,For joint cooperation ginseng....

Guangzhou crown bo exhibition service co., LTD

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